Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nominee for OpenSolaris Governance Board

Recently I nominated myself for election on the OpenSolaris Governance Board. I'd like to introduce myself to those in the OpenSolaris community that may not be familiar with me and explain why I am running for office.

First off, I started out with AT&T UNIX back in 1994 after years of using MS-DOS, Windows, and MacOS. Needless to say, there was just something magical about UNIX that caught my attention because it's a platform that you can tinker with and learn something new or old about every day. I was unable to have my own UNIX system and settled on Slackware Linux for a while until I was able to buy a used Sun SPARCstation IPX. Eventually as the next few years went by, I had a collection of UNIX systems ranging from my IPX to a DEC Alpha 500au workstation and a PC running Slackware.

I studied and got my Solaris SCSA certification and moved to Silicon Valley to work as a Taos contractor at Sun Microsystems. I was soo happy to become a Sun employee and work with some of the best people on the bleeding edge of technology. I remember building Sun Clusters on E6500s and A5000s. This was before most people even knew what clustering was let alone thought about using it for infrastructure services. It was around this time that I started to become involved with the Solaris 9 beta program, which was exciting as it was the first Solaris version that included tools that I would normally install from Sunfreeware or compile myself. I learned a great deal during my time at Sun. Not long after that I left Sun to move across the country to be with my future wife and eventually start a family.

Since then I have worked for small businesses and large enterprises helping them design and implement Solaris based solutions. Working in financial services and E-Commerce environments has given me incredible insight and experience into how Sun technology can be leveraged to solve complex problems. I always kept my ties back to Sun tight and involved myself in many beta programs covering all sorts of products such as Solaris updates, Sun Rays, Sun Studio, Solaris 10, JDS, etc. During my time at JP Morgan I was able to test the latest and greatest from Sun including T and M series servers and LDoms. When OpenSolaris started, I helped start the SysAdmin community and eventually the LDoms community which I have made significant contributions to.

Today I am an architect helping Fortune 500 companies design virtualization and cloud computing solutions. While this keeps me very busy, I still dedicate time and resources to reaching out and promoting OpenSolaris and Sun technologies. I've seen our community evolve over the years through the many challenges and accomplishments. With the recent acquisition by Oracle, it is important that the community continues to push forward and keep the momentum of OpenSolaris going. I'd like offer my experience and industry perspective to the OGB and help guide OpenSolaris towards success with both the open source community and with the corporate world. My platform is simple:

  • Push for openness and transparency between the OpenSolaris Community and Oracle Solaris developers.
  • Close the gap between Solaris and OpenSolaris by reducing the number of closed source binaries.
  • Push for OpenSolaris to be easier to build from source and for the community to contribute to the code base.
  • Promote OpenSolaris development interests from schools, universities, and the open source community in large.
  • Push for enterprise readiness of OpenSolaris and parity between x86 and SPARC builds.
  • Increase visibility of OpenSolaris to both the enterprise and start-ups.
Please let your voice be heard and vote for a new OGB and for me!

Thank you everyone for the opportunity, I look forward to serving the community!

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